BELL_LF.GIF (4099 bytes)Sanctified by SantaSanctified by Santa

"Sanctified by Santa"

Sanctified by Santa

If you are "Christmas People"

and would like a

Christmas-themed ceremony,

we would love to make your day

perfect in every way!

We can theme your special event around   Santa and Mrs. Claus any time of the year. My wife and I can give you a day worthy of your memories!

I am non-denominational clergy through the ULC Monastery, Spokane, Washington.  

I can perform the following: customized marriage, renewal of vows, blessing or anointing of person or home, baptism, communion, funeral.

We are Ecumenical Christians, and respect that your beliefs are as precious to you as ours are to us and they will be honored.

Sanctified by Santa

We are very proud to offer to you "Sanctified by Santa."

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